Architectural Steel Planter Boxes

Enhance your greenery with our architectural steel planter boxes and metal wall planters.
Metal planters

Custom Corten Steel Planters & Metal Planter Boxes

No matter the style, colour, or size, a stunning planter box by Melbourne Architectural Steel will elevate your plants’ beauty to the next level. Our steel and metal planter boxes are custom made to your every specification so that all eyes are drawn their way.

With our 15 years’ worth of experience in both custom steel fabrication and exceptional customer service, Melbourne Architectural Steel is the steel fabrication team you’ve been searching for. Our bespoke Corten steel planter boxes, metal wall planters, and more are designed specifically to your home and style, delivering you the highest possible standard in a timely fashion.

Stun with Steel Planter Boxes

The possibilities and options for your steel planter boxes are infinite. Whether it’s for your apartment, acreage, small café, or sprawling law firm, at Melbourne Architectural Steel, we pride ourselves on bringing you the most visually appealing and durable Corten steel planters. We work with all types and grades of steel and can powder coat your custom piece to suit your style. Whether you choose a modern black, a coastal white, or a rustic brown, everything is tailored to you, so no project is too big or too small.

We design both indoor and outdoor custom steel planter boxes, and as a Melbourne-based business we understand how important it is for our steel to stand up to the elements. With our durable steel, there’s no need to worry how your custom planter boxes will hold up against a windy winter. Our handmade steel is built to last so that you can enjoy their beauty and style for decades to come.

Corten steel planters
Steel planter boxes

Add Style and Elegance with Metal Wall Planters

For a stylish way to soften up your walls, courtyard, or balcony, add greenery encased in architecturally designed metal wall planters. Metal plant pots add dimension and visual interest to any space and bring the outdoors in. Custom steel planter boxes are a timeless and classic addition to any space, and we can tailor them to any size, colour, or style you desire.

Whether it’s for your home or business, you can’t go wrong by adorning your space with lush plants hanging elegantly from stunning metal wall planters. At Melbourne Architectural Steel, we tailor our planters to your every specification, ensuring we adhere to the finest of details to create your dream design.

Get Started on Designing Your Custom Steel Planter Boxes

No matter where you are in metropolitan Melbourne, Melbourne Architectural Steel will come to you to measure and assess your space. Depending on the size of your wall or planter boxes, we can also ship within Australia— please contact us for further details. There’s also the option to visit our boutique showroom, where you can view our supplied design plans or get started on creating your own with our design service in house.
To get started on elevating your space with stylish metal wall planters or steel planter boxes, contact our friendly and helpful team today.