Handmade Steel Frame Windows & Doors

Custom architectural steel windows and doors made in Melbourne by expert craftsmen.
Steel frame windows

Custom Steel Doors & Windows

Steel is an exceptionally durable and versatile medium that offers endless design potential. It is the preference for modern-day architects and designers across the globe and can be tailored to suit classic and contemporary styles. When fabricated into spectacular windows and door frames, steel not only looks sleek and modern, but it is also functional and durable.

At Melbourne Architectural Steel, we create steel windows and doors designed and fabricated to your exact preferences. Whether you draw inspiration from an existing design or want to create something completely unique, our team can make it happen. We craft all steel projects by hand in Melbourne and can deliver across Australia. Our team is committed to producing premium-quality steel products.

Steel Framed Doors

Perfectly suited to a sleek home or spectacular office, steel framed doors add a stunning design feature to any space. Whether you’re striving for an elegant or rustic look, our experienced welders can create something custom to suit your space. Beyond being an architectural design feature, steel doors are also highly durable and offer enhanced air filtration properties compared to timber doors.

We can customise your steel framed door to suit your style. Simply visit our Melbourne-based showroom and select from a range of finishes, colours, screens, hinges, door handles, and glass types. Whether you’re renovating an existing property or managing a new build, our team can construct the ideal steel framed doors to enhance your space. We can work from an existing design or create a one-of-a-kind piece- the choice is up to you!

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Steel Window Frames

From sweeping floor to ceiling structures that flood the room with light to sleek frames that draw the eye, a custom steel window frame will become a feature of your building. Beyond their architectural design benefits, steel window frames also offer excellent strength, durability, and longevity. Unlike timber window frames that can discolour and warp with time and temperature, steel windows will be an unchanging and stunning feature of your home or building for years to come.

We can customise your steel window frames to suit your style. Simply visit our Melbourne-based showroom and select from a range of finishes, colours, screens, and glass types. Steel window frames perfectly complement modern interior design and can be customised to suit existing and new dwellings. If you’ve got a design you’d like to replicate to your specifications or you want to create something completely new, call Melbourne Architectural Steel today.

Steel frame windows Melbourne
Steel windows frames
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Design Your Custom Steel Frame Windows & Doors

At Melbourne Architectural Steel, we draw on over 15 years of steel fabrication experience to produce spectacular steel windows and doors. Our handmade pieces are produced for a range of domestic and commercial settings in Melbourne and across Australia. We offer a truly customised service, with endless design possibilities for your home, community space, urban site, or commercial location.

To start the design and fabrication process for your customised steel windows or doors, contact our team today.